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How do your people think, feel and act in the workplace?
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As Chartered Occupational Psychologists, we are specially qualified to understand and enhance behaviour in organisations. We provide bespoke but practical solutions for common issues our clients encounter, such as:

  • ‘Our employees don’t work to the same values’
  • ‘The quality of our recruits is inconsistent’
  • ‘We’re not clear on who our future leaders are or how to develop them’
  • ‘Our staff appraisal isn’t working’
  • ‘We’re losing good people’

Behaviour framework design

Do you wish to embed your organisational values or need clarity about what behaviours are required? We can get to the crux of what distinguishes the good performers from the not so good. Through 1:1s or focus groups, we identify the behaviours that will help and hinder either across your organisation, or in a specific role, both now and in the future. We describe those behaviours in a way that makes sense to everyone and can be used to underpin recruitment, development and appraisal of staff. Why not contact us for a chat?

Assessment/development design

So, you know that behaviour is critical to job performance, but how do you go about measuring it effectively? Our process design helps you to do just that. We’ll collaborate with you to create interviews and assessment activities, tailored to your organisation, which will prove vital in informing your selection or promotion decisions. We can also design ‘day in the life’ development centres to challenge your participants, put them through their paces and offer constructive feedback or coaching tied in with psychometric measures. Just need assessors, or observers? We can help with that too. Get in touch if you’d like more details.


Is it the done thing to give honest feedback in your organisation? Are people over-promoted because managers won’t give tough messages or manage performance? We often find that unhelpful appraisal processes and inadequate performance management skills hamper organisations, and can create all sorts of problems around staff engagement and retention. We can work with you to design a practical appraisal framework and upskill your leaders to really engage staff and use your people tools effectively. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

About us

Sally Izzard is the owner and founder of Psyclops Limited, which was established in 1997. Sally is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who has masterminded many assessment and development projects in both the public and private sectors, notably in Financial Services, with Investors in People UK and in the NHS. Sally prides herself on enabling clients to define a problem in the right way to ensure the best and most engaging solutions can be reached. She is inspired by creating user-friendly designs for a 'day in the life' events, as well as for more regular processes, such as appraisal. Sally enjoys the flexibility of working for a wide variety of clients in different ways - directly, as part of Work Psychology Hub (a trusted network of psychologists) and as an associate for other reputable psychology providers.

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